Today’s topic is dwelling in the back of my mind for a long time now…or rather it creates a burning sensation in the back of my retina everytime I have to witness it. But a little story first.

Back in the day of 1958 my father did his service in the then freshly formed german army, the Bundeswehr. They got issued the then most common piece of undershirt, the classic fine rib vest. Wifebeaters as the americans call it. The american soldiers had white T-shirts instead and it was normal for them to wear their shirt with the top button open so the top of the T-shirt underneath could be seen.

The young german lads found that utterly intriguing and wanted to copy this perceived cool style of the always laid back americans. What they did is to wear their wifebeaters back to front so it looked like they would wear T-shirts just like the US boys.

Well, the first sergeant was a little on the traditional side stylewise and not very tolerant of the fashion statement his subordinates were trying to make. So he sent them…not with applause but still to be heard throughout the barracks…back to rearrange their outfits to acceptable standard.

I have to admit, sometimes I wish those kind of people would be standing in front of every house…

There are two things to be learned from that. First, how quickly trends go viral if nobody’s there to stop them in time. Second, that I absolutely do not understand why anybody would want to put his or her plain white undergarments on display for the public.


The golden rule for people wanting to look not just decent but classy: Do not show your underwear to anybody not explicitly asking for it!


Plain white T-shirts are technically underwear and should be treated as such. So please be so kind to not show them publicly! Thank you! Just wear V-necks or wide cut round ones. Doesn’t cost more but is way more classy.

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