I do love summer! Sun and warm weather work as catalyst to the fire of my soul and with more than 30° Celsius or more good hydration becomes far more important than good style. Nevertheless there’s one thing I cannot excuse even with hot weather: short sleeved shirts!

Those kind of shirts carry a tremendous amount of negative sexiness which can only be countered by sex appeal the magnitude of a 80`s Magnum P.I. Tom Selleck…with mustache and breast hair and all! Then even a Hawaiian shirt is bearable…on Hawaii…in a red Ferrari convertible! But you don’t have that kind of polynesian magic in a central european inner city.

But why is that? A question I’ve asked myself more than I ever wanted. I’d say, everybody with at least some sense for aesthetics will simply feel this looks like shirt. But I want to get to the bottom of it!

I think there are several layers to it. First the visual and therefore supposedly rather obvious. If you wear a short sleeved shirt like me in the picture above the sleeve stumps look like arm floats for children. Especially if the shirt has an ironed crease. My biceps should be twice as wide to not make my arms look like feeble twigs. It’s far more economic to just burn the shirt.

The other layer is more subtle. A short sleeved shirt is by definition a rather unformal…I’d even say a rather unformidable…piece of wardrobe. If one tries to press that into a formal character a contradiction is created. And this contradiction grows into a solid conflict by wearing a tie with it!

Des Finanzproduktverkäufers schreckliche Sommeruniform.

The bad taste uniform of the financial sales rep.

In my opinion that’s one of the worst fashion sins of all. Not even the people actually wearing it really do so voluntarily. They mostly recruit from folks selling financal products in the lower ranks of some pyramid style marketing scheme or middle aged clerks. Their job requires them to wear a tie but somehow not long sleeves. That’s a major fault in the system! Even in the dress manual of the german military you’ll find the clear order to not wear a tie to short sleeves. If even the military takes that clear a position on fashion you better take that into consideration as well!

So how to deal with short sleeved shirts?
Just don’t! I’m serious. There’s no legitimate reason to wear such a shirt at all. Wear a regular sleeved shirt and fold them up when necessary. Done! Looks in any case…and I mean literally any case…better than arm float sleeves. Alternatively a well fitting Polo shirt will look far more elegant and can nowadays be worn with a blazer if it gets to fresh in the evening.

That’s all there is to say about that. Don’t touch that stuff! Beeing them cheap is no excuse!

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